RDS Analyst citation information

If you are using RDS Analyst for research that will be published, we request that you acknowledge this with the following citation:

Mark S. Handcock, Ian E. Fellows, Krista J. Gile (2022) RDS Analyst: Software for the Analysis of Respondent-Driven Sampling Data, Version 0.72, URL

A BibTeX entry for LaTeX users is

+  title = {RDS Analyst: Software for the Analysis of Respondent-Driven Sampling Data},
+  author = {Mark S. Handcock and Ian E. Fellows and Krista J. Gile},
+  year = {2022},
+  note = {Version 0.72},
+  address = {Los Angeles, CA},
+  url = {},

We have invested a lot of time and effort in creating RDS Analyst for use by other researchers. Please cite it in all papers where it is used.

Citing HPMRG packages of RDS Analyst (e.g., RDS, sspse or DeducerRDSAnalyst)

To cite the individual R packages used in RDS Analyst (e.g., RDS, sspse or DeducerRDSAnalyst), please use the information given by their individual citation function calls. These are also stand-alone packages, so if you use our software in your work, please acknowledge the software packages separately. For example, at the R Console window type:




Citing Deducer

RDS Analyst is built on the graphical user interface and capabilities of Deducer. To cite Deducer, see here.